Benefits of Pine Bark Extract

In the 1950s Jacques Masquelier, a French researcher, discovered a class of flavonoids which were found to improve circulation and repair tissue in the body. Eventually Masquelier’s search for an […]

A Complete Guide to Visceral Fat Ratings and Readings

Visceral Fat Rating: How much is too much? Everyone needs a certain amount of visceral fat for good health, but the amount is critical. Too little or too much spells […]

How Vitamin D is made for Supplements, Medicine and Food Additives?

Science Versus Sunshine: How vitamin D is made in a laboratory. Rickets was a disease which died out with the Victorian era, or so we thought, but a ‘Food Unwrapped‘ […]

Measuring Visceral Fat: The Inside Story

They say ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ but when it comes to the store of fat hiding within the muscle walls of your abdomen, you really do need to […]

What is Inulin? The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Inulin

What is inulin? 90+ Inulin related questions dedicated to how, what, when, why, where, which, who and many more. We get so many questions relating to inulin, we decided to […]

Angela Rippon Reveals How to Stay Young With Inulin

Early in the spring of 2016, highly-respected broadcaster, Angela Rippon OBE, caused something of a stir. The effect of the revelation, made during the screening of her co-presented documentary programme […]

Top 5 Tips to Good Health

The first few weeks of a new year are often the times when we find ourselves thinking about making changes to improve our life. Not surprisingly, as those years fly […]

Using Baobab Fruit Powder as a Prebiotic

“All Disease Begins in The Gut.” – Hippocrates. Fibre helps with digestion and gut health. Not only is Baobab over 50% dietary fibre, but it also acts as a prebiotic, […]

Deaths from Supplements?

Zero Deaths from Supplements, Tens of Thousands of Deaths from Prescription Drugs We keep on hearing the scare stories on the news and from the daily newspapers, so let’s put […]

Probiotics and Digestive Health

The health benefits of probiotics on digestive health Probiotics are strongly believed to be a vital component of good health as they offer incredible support to the condition of your […]