Rhodiola Rosea Extract

rhodiola rosea in the mountains growing next to rock

In recent years, consuming an adaptogenic plant-based supplement has become a common alternative method for people trying to increase their energy and improve their physical endurance. Rhodiola rosea extract remains among the more scientifically studied and supported of these specialized herbal remedies.

What Is Rhodiola?

The plant from which this extract derives is simply called rhodiola rosea. The Crassulaceae plant family provides us this small, rugged plant that grows in tough, arctic areas, including Siberia, the Alps and the Rocky Mountains.

What Is An Extract?

By utilizing a solvent like water or ethanol, manufacturers create concentrated part of the plant they then market as an extract. In this case, the rhodiola plant is concentrated into rhodiola rosea extract.

How Might This Adaptogenic Herb Help You?

According to some studies, rhodiola rosea extract may help improve depressive states and help overall mood. Some studies even indicate rhodiola extract may increase both mental and physical performance while minimizing fatigue.

The effects observed during rhodiola dosage could result from inhibiting monoamine oxidase, thus incurring changes in both dopamine and serotonin levels. This is theoretical, however. These neurochemical changes have not yet been defined and verified with comprehensive scientific trials. However, initial studies provide some hopeful indications.

Adaptogens such as rhodiola are not stimulants, despite some similar benefits and effects. Stimulants like caffeine and nicotine have radically different physiological effects. The hope is that adaptogens can provide some of the positive effects of other stimulants without the well-known negative side-effects.

What Is In Rhodiola Rosea Extract?

Within this plant-based supplement, there are several compounds which researchers believe provide its effects. These include rosavin, rosin and rosarin. Some research papers indicate that tyrosol and rhodioloside are the most prominent and consequential components.

Some clinical trials indicate that these components do little when taken by themselves. Instead, there appears to be some kind of synergetic effect when all these components are taken together with a full rhodiola rosea extract.

Additional ingredients in rhodiola rosea are believed to be active within a proper tincture, but there isn’t yet much clinical evidence to suggest these polyphenols actually provide much in the way of positive effects for humans that consume them regularly.

How Much Should You Take?

The standard dose of rhodiola rosea extract usually is about 200 mg taken twice daily or 100 mg taken three times daily. If a patient responds well to this dosage, it can sometimes be increased to as much as 1000 mg a day. However, do not begin with this dosage and consult a physician before supplementing yourself with any herbal remedies.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Author: Elise Fisher