How to Improve Mental Health for Happiness & Fulfilment

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How thinking about your mind can improve mental health

How much attention do you give to the significance of your mind’s impact on your day-to-day existence? Mental health is largely overlooked with regard to routine and wellbeing. Think about it, trying to motivate yourself to get out of bed and get to work on a Monday; when deciding what to wear in the morning; trying to remember where you’ve seen that person that you ran into in the supermarket before.

All these small ways we use our minds and we don’t even notice, and yet can you imagine a day without these inconspicuous thoughts? With this in mind (no pun intended) it’s easier to understand just how much mental health can affect our lives, and therefore how important it is that we look after it well.

Happiness and contentment all year round

There’s a reason that during the summer people are generally in a better mood, and it’s a little more scientific than just getting to the beach or having a great BBQ. Recent government-backed studies found that lack of Vitamin D in the blood is linked to depression, and that taking Vitamin D supplements can both help prevent and improve it.

This would also explain why we often feel down during the winter months. A lack of vitamin D alongside dark, cold evenings and days not much brighter are enough to put a dampener on anyone’s mood. So, it’s important to try and keep our spirits up all year round, and believe it or not it’s possible to stay at the same level of contentment and happiness throughout the year.

For example, the Danish culture has a concept called ‘Hygge’, which is basically living well and wrapping yourself up in seasonal comforts like big warm blankets, scented candles, mugs of hot chocolate and good books; helping your mind reach a tranquillity that can keep you happy and mentally healthy through the autumn and winter months.

Of course, not all mental health states and life’s problems can be solved with a mug of hot chocolate and answers within the pages of a book. Our mind can have depths that we’re not even aware of, and these lows are more apparent to some more than others.

Some are pulled into deep, dark places through thought alone and it can be difficult to pull out of the gloom. Fortunately, there are ways to try and help yourself and it begins by realising that our brains need the correct nutrients to function positively.

A helping hand

It is difficult to understand these ‘blue’ states of mind if we haven’t been there ourselves, and so no one can really say ‘I understand’ or ‘I know how you feel’ unless this is the case. Instead, it’s a helping hand towards the light of positivity that’s needed. A companion. Someone that’s trusted not to leave your side, and instead guide you through the maze that is the mind. As cliched as it sounds, it’s true that talking about how you feel will always help; even if it’s just a little.

Explain your thoughts to someone who you know won’t judge you, enlighten them to what you are going through, what if an outside perspective may be able to offer you a stronger helping hand than you expected? What if someone who isn’t inside your head can help change your way of thinking and provide you with the more positive thoughts that you need to make up that lifeline? And it’s possible for anyone to be that person for you. A family member. A best friend.

It’s important to remember that improving your state of mind is within your power. It’s your own mind that is the culprit, so who better to turn that around than you? There are many people around that are willing to help you do this, you may be in darkness right now but just reach out – you will find a hand.

Natural solutions for long term mental health positivity

As well as in the people around you, help can be found in nature using natural food supplements which target specifics within the mind. They can help change the balance of the hormones in your brain and this in turn will help your mood. Serotonin is a hormone that is often referred to as the ‘happy hormone’, and low levels of this happy hormone have been scientifically proven to be a common factor in those that suffer with mental ill – health – such as depression and anxiety.

Supplements such as Amino Optima, for example,  can help to regulate the production of serotonin. This may improve concentration, memory, lift your mood and calm your mind; acting as a reasonably immediate remedy to a low mood, or even help improve low set emotions that run a little deeper – depression for example. While supplements don’t necessarily provide a comprehensive resolution to mood struggles, they can help brighten life day-to-day and give you that helping hand moving forward.

When you’re feeling low it can be hard to find the motivation to find ways to help yourself – that’s the slot in which these supplements can fit into your life; helping to boost your mood and move your motivation in the direction of the relief you deserve long term.