Swollen, Painful Joints: Can Menopause be the Trigger?

We know about mood swings, hot flushes, night sweats and dizzy spells, but joint pain…? Can menopause really be blamed for those aching shoulders and knees? Connection Between Joint Pain […]

Menopause Can Be A Headache…

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. For many women headaches are connected to fluctuating hormone levels but after menopause they often become less intense and may […]

Can Menopause Cause Dizziness?

It is a medically recognised fact that feelings of dizziness are commonly experienced at the time of perimenopause as well as during menopause itself. The term ‘dizzy’ is used to […]

Fatigue and Low Energy: Could Menopause be the Culprit?

With the change of life comes a plethora of physical and emotional challenges with which the mind and body has to cope. One of these is a feeling of almost […]

Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate: Turning Back the Years

Are you fortunate enough to recall your great-grandparents? Or if not, you may have seen sepia photographs of them? What you will almost certainly have noticed was that they appeared […]

Benefits of Pine Bark Extract

In the 1950s Jacques Masquelier, a French researcher, discovered a class of flavonoids which were found to improve circulation and repair tissue in the body. Eventually Masquelier’s search for an […]

Low Libido in Women. The Reasons Why!

Why do Women Lose their Sexual Desire? Sometimes it just doesn’t happen. The flame of sexual desire is reduced to a smoulder or seems to have fizzled out completely. Maybe […]

Aphrodisiac for Women: Folklore or Fact?

What is an Aphrodisiac? Think of what it would take to light the fireworks of desire. Sometimes it just happens naturally because of the brain’s own chemistry which switches on […]

What is Tisane? The Difference Between Tisane and Tea

The practice of supporting good health with infusions made from leaves, berries and flowers has been recorded in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine going back for as long as history is […]

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